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Stroom is a data processing, storage and analysis platform.
It is scalable - just add more CPUs / servers for greater throughput.
It is suitable for processing high volume data such as system logs, to provide valuable insights into IT performance and usage.

Data Ingest

Receive and store large volumes of data such as native format logs. Ingested data is always available in its raw form.

Data transformation pipelines

Create sequences of XSL and text operations, in order to normalise or export data in any format. It is possible to enrich data using lookups and reference data.

Integrated transformation development

Easily add new data formats and debug the transformations if they don’t work as expected.

Scalable Search

Create multiple indexes with different retention periods. These can be sharded across your cluster.


Run queries against your indexes or statistics and view the results within custom visualisations.


Record counts or values of items over time, providing answers to questions such as “how many times has a specific machine provided data in the last hour/day/month?”