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Gaffer Docker

This repo contains the code needed to run Gaffer using Docker or Kubernetes. There are two main sub-folders, ‘docker’ and ‘kubernetes’ which contain the project files you need for starting Gaffer using those services.

Running Gaffer Using Docker

For information on how to run Gaffer using Docker containers, please see the README in the docker directory: Gaffer Docker README

Running Gaffer Using Kubernetes

For information on how to run Gaffer using Kubernetes, please see the README in the kubernetes directory: Kubernetes README


Each of our images which is released will be tagged with the version of the software they represent. Every release, we update the latest tag for each image and add a new release which has the corresponding version tag.

If we release Gaffer version 2.1.2, the following images would be uploaded:

We maintain mutable versions of latest, as well as the major, minor and bugfix versions of Gaffer. For reproducibility make sure to use the full version in your build metadata. For gaffer/gaffer-rest images, we also create a tag including the accumulo version, this allows for compatibility with Accumulo 1.9.3 in our tests. The -accumulo-1.9.3 tagged images are not published but can be build locally if required.

The release process is automated by GitHub actions.

Known Compatible Docker Versions


If you would like to make a Contribution, we have all the details for doing that here